Easy online meetings with voice & screen-share capabilities

  • All FREE features plus...
  • 5 meeting participantsTotal number of meeting participants (host and attendees).
  • Personal LinkPersonal meeting link to start meetings quickly.
  • No video feed support
  • Screen & window sharingPeople can see what you're doing on your screen, on their own screen!
  • Includes stand-alone audioHost just an audio conference without starting a screen share.
  • Unlimited whiteboards (iOS only)Create and share digitial whiteboards online and offline, on iOS devices.
  • Pass Presenter & Share ControlThe presenter role can be passed between participants to allow others to share their screens
  • CustomizationCreate your own experience with a customized url ( and a background image.
  • Meeting lockAn added layer of security to your meeting. When a meeting is locked, viewers will have to knock and ask your permission to enter.
  • No in-meeting ads for viewersGive your viewers an ad-free experience.
  • Email & phone supportWe’re happy to help with any questions you have about
  • ReportingRun reports to see who attended a meeting and download meeting activity for you or all your users.
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Online meetings with productivity features

  • All LITE features plus...
  • 50 meeting participantsTotal number of meeting participants (host and attendees).
  • 10 video feedsThe amount of people who can join your video conference.
  • Optional toll-free numbersEnable 800 numbers for everyone or those users who require it at an additional per-minute rate.
  • User managementAdd new users under your account, and manage their access. They get their own personal link and scheduler.
  • Developer APIsUse's API to unlock the power in your app. Go to for more information.
  • Meeting scheduler with Outlook & Google Calendar pluginsUse the scheduler to easily manage meetings and send invitations, or use one of our plugins for Outlook or Google.
  • In-meeting annotationDuring a meeting, you can use annotation tools to help get your point across. Annotation tools include a pen tool, highlighter, laser pointer, and screenshot grab functionality.
  • RecordingRecord the audio and screen sharing of your meetings to share or refer back to. We'll store them securely for you.
  • 5GB cloud storageCloud storage is included for your recordings.


Premium meetings with advanced management capabilities

  • All PRO features plus...
  • 250 meeting participantsTotal number of meeting participants (host and attendees).
  • Feature administrators can enforce features or feature set and ease deployment and support across large numbers of users.
  • Enterprise authentication (SSO)A secure and easy way to authenticate users and manage user access, SSO integrates with Windows ADFS, Office 365, Google for Work, Ping Identity, Bitium, Nelogin and Okta.
  • integrationStart a meeting and track meeting details directly in Salesforce.
  • 5TB cloud storageCloud storage is included for your recordings.
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